We are Beirut Matters, and we are selling apparel to gather donations for the victims of Beirut's explosion.

August 4, 2020 , marked the date an explosion took place at the Port of Beirut. Hundreds were killed, thousands were injured, many went missing and half the city was destroyed.

The explosion woke us all up internally, it is time to stand up again, it is time to rebuild the city and help those in need.

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This is not a movie, this is what actually happened.









Our Story


We are a non political, humanitarian group from Beirut.

“This event woke us all up, it is a time when humanity connects, away from politics, away from conflicts. It is time to rebuild, time to stand up, time to help others, and time to keep a print in history. From the people to the people, Beirut Matters.”

— Beirut Matters Team

Beirut Matters started as a response to the explosion that took place in Beirut, with a mission to help as much as we can through selling apparel in our store , where 50% will be donated to local beirut charities, providing services and activities for the victims (medical, financial, educational, food sharing, and others)


You can help. Yes you can we're sure.

Here's how you can easily help us support the victims.

1.Purchase apparel

We have a ton of items, that we're completely sure you will love. Just purchase an item -> 50% is donated to charities -> you make someone smile. It's that easy.
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2.Spread the word

It won't take you more than a couple of clicks, but you will, for sure, help someone more than you can imagine. Just share our facebook page on social media. So easy.


Our Contributors.

This is the space where charities, organizations or companies that joined our mission will be listed. Make sure to support them for their huge contributions to Beirut.

wadi creative

web development & design agency

The guys at Wadi Creative were very generous to gift us this great website as well as our logo as a donation to Beirut. Working with the guys was really amazing.


Makhzoumi Foundation

Social Work Foundation

Makhzoumi Foundation… more than 23 years of empowering the community… Healthcare, Vocational Training, Environment & Development, Micro Credit and Relief… different programs for one goal: Empowering A Better Tomorrow!


You can be next!

Are you a charity, organization, or a company willing to join us in our mission? Make sure to contact us with your plans/activities/events.


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